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CES has provided aboveground and underground storage tank removal support services for hundreds of project sites since 1991.  AST and UST projects completed by CES are most frequently associated with petroleum or chemical releases to the environment, or planned facility upgrades.  CES's experienced project managers and technical personnel provide a broad spectrum of support services including petroleum bulk storage application preparation, on-site supervision during tank cleaning, excavation and removal, photo ionization detector (PID) screening of soils to segregate contaminated and non-contaminated material, soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analysis, and closure report preparation services.


CES personnel will act as a liaison with regulatory personnel to assist clients in navigating the often complex and technical aspects of each project.  Services are provided in accordance with applicable local, state and federal regulatory requirements while working with clients to control overall project costs.


CES also works closely with other licensed and certified professionals to develop and implement site remediation activities.  Typically, several remedial response actions are evaluated for each project and a cost evaluation is prepared.  The response action recommended for a project takes into consideration several factors related to the project including remediation costs, scheduling requirements, short and long term liabilities, etc.