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CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, INC (CES), is a full service New York State Department of Health accredited environmental laboratory (NYSDOH ELAP ID# 11246) and environmental consulting firm.  Services available through CES include the following:


                  *  NYSDOH Accredited laboratory Analyses

                                (Water, Soil, Oil, Bulks, etc.)



                  *  Aboveground and Underground Storage

                          Tank Project Management Services



                  *  Environmental Sampling & Monitoring



                  *  Subsurface Site Investigations



                  *  Phase I & II Environmental

                              Site Assessments



                  *  OSHA Lead-Based Paint Inspections


The following pages are intended to provide an overview of the various environmental testing and consulting services available from CES.  Our Project Managers and Customer Service Representatives are always available to assist with your questions and to help design projects that meet your technical requirements in a cost efficient and responsible manner.  To obtain pricing, receive assistance with project implementation, or for more information regarding available services, please call our office and ask to speak with a marketing representative or Project Manager.