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CES's staff has over 19 years of experience conducting subsurface soil, bedrock and groundwater investigations to delineate petroleum and hazardous waste contamination throughout New Your State.  Investigation and remedial design services have been provided for municipalities, industrial clients, petroleum storage and distribution facilities, gasoline stations, educational clients and private land owners.  Our experienced personnel utilize a variety of hollow stem auger and geoprobe techniques to retrieve subsurface soil samples and install groundwater monitoring wells.  Utilizing data obtained from a subsurface investigation, CES can develop the most cost effective remedial approach and prepare a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for submittal to the NYSDEC which utilizes the best remedial technology, such as in-situ/ex-situ bioremediation.  CES and our personnel have the experience to oversee the construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring phase of each project.